These nations witnessed the dramatic collapse of the Soviet

4MbAbstractTHE last years of the Soviet Union were the most challenging for the nations of Central Asia. These nations witnessed the dramatic collapse of the Soviet federal system and beheld with disbelief the tragic unfolding of inter ethnic violence in the land of ‘eternal friendship of brotherly nations’. Their disbelief, though understandable steriods steriods, presents the two puzzles that this dissertation addresses: (1) “how can one explain the outbreak of unprecedented inter ethnic clashes in the lands where gracious internationalism should have replaced chauvinist nationalism?” and (2) “what lessons can be learnt from Central Asia’s nation formational processes and its recent experiences of ethnic violence lest mistakes be repeated in its present and future socio political development?” These puzzles steriods, and solutions to them, are not only significant and intriguing in the regional context of Central Asia.

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